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Parsha Vayera

"A pox on both your houses!" -- Shakespeare

The above phrase communicates a sentiment I think we all see in our discourse today. In an increasingly polarised world, so many people are turning off and refusing to engage. "We don't want to be involved," they say. "We're not a part of it." 

The latest example of this is the increasingly polarised politics in the United States, which the world watches in horror. The sides aren't even speaking to each other any more, and most of the population is caught in the middle being addressed by no one. 

However, there is another way, the way of Abraham. Abraham, when he heard that Sdom was to be destroyed for its wickedness, did no turn his back on the city. Instead, he davened for it. Though disgusted by the crimes of its residents, he didn't turn his back. He wanted the city to be saved, preserved, improved. 

Ultimately, Hashem's judgement was different and the city was punished, but we should learn from Avraham's example, and never given up on others. Never stop caring. Above all, never stop actually showing them our care and love. In time, it will be rewarded.

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