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Dvar Torah - Parsha - Beshallach Shira

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

"Justice delayed is justice denied" - William Gladstone

This week was a momentous one in the news. One of the events which captured the imagination of this country (however briefly) was that Malka Liefer was finally extradited from Israel so that she might stand trial for her alleged crimes in Australia. This has taken far too long and I think it is incumbent upon us, as Jews, as Australians, and as Zionists, to learn an important lesson.

The state of Israel was created in 1948 as the realisation of part of the dream which began in the Parsha we will read this week. When the Jews left Egypt, they did not leave just to escape their bondage. They left with a goal, a place in mind. That place was the Land of Israel, and they were to build a state there.

However, it was not enough to just create a Jewish government. It must be a place which guaranteed justice to all, whether they were strong or vulnerable, young or old, big or small. Unfortunately, over the last few years, we have seen that promise repeatedly broken, and while it is good that justice will now be able to take its course, it is incumbent upon all, but especially those who love Israel, to do what they can to make sure this sad episode is not repeated. It is only in this manner that the words of the prophet will be fulfilled: "Zion ill be redeemed through justice and those who return to it through righteousness."

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