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Dvar Torah: Vayikra

Which is the supplement? Fantasy or Daily Routine?  - Mason Cooley

We are currently going through a troubling time, a time when we are all forced to deal with massive changes. The most noticeable and earliest of those changes is to our daily routines. We were used to doing things a certain way, all of us, and now we have to change that. Of course, it helps to think that we are making all of these changes to save lives, and we must all keep that consideration front and centre, but still, it is a hard task that we have been given.

This week we should be starting to read the book of Vayikra. The most routined of the Torah's books. Every day sacrifices are brought. Every day incense is burnt. Every day feels the same as every other day, the same order, the same ways of thinking.

But Vayikra is also the book of spiritual fantasy. It opens with G-d calling Moshe and speaking to him directly. What an incredible experience. And the whole point of the book is our approach to the divine, the supernatural, the transcendental. The book of Vayikra is about how we can take the material world and make it more than just the matter which makes it up. It's about how we can take out material circumstances, and make them into something wonderful, beyond human comprehension, immortal. It's about how we can build our routines and our boring lives into a tower, not to the heavens, but G-d himself.

Every one of us is currently building a new routine. We are reforming our days and our lives around what is most important to us. We are rethinking our focus ad our priorities as we contend with a new reality none of us wanted. Let's use this time to make our routines about our fantasies. Let's make this time a time of growth. Let's treat this most difficult of times as an opportunity to do things differently, do things better, and carry out our goals. 

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