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Dvar Torah - Parsha Tzav

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Tomorrow night we will gather together again, as families, as friends, as a people.

We will gather to commemorate, we will gather to celebrate, and we will gather, above all, to relive what our nation experiences so long ago.

3575 years ago our people went free. Since then we have never ceased to tell the story. We still remember and we still know that this foundational experience sets the tone for our national life. In it we find messages for our future, recommendations about how to behave and what to believe. But even more, in it we find our identity. In it we find the foundation story which makes us, the people of Israel, who we are.

As we continue the march of history and progress, and as our civilisation advances from its humble origins in the slave pens of Egypt,. We continue to look back for inspiration and grounding, for only a people that remembers where it came from knows where it is headed.

As we gather together once again, and retell an old story let's all remember that it is not just the story but the perpetuation of a chain of tradition going back so long. And not tradition for tradition's sake, but tradition for us, to frame our sense of who we are and who we can be.

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